Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bob Dylan says...

‘I would not want t be bach, mozart, Tolstoy, joe hill, gertrude stein or james dean/they are all dead. the Great books’ve been written, the Great sayings have been said/i am about t sketch You a picture of what goes on around here sometimes. tho i don’t understand too well myself what’s really happening. i do know that we’re all gonna die someday an that no death has ever stopped the world. my poems are written in a rhythm of unpoetic distortion/divided by pierced ears, false eyelashes/subtracted by people constantly torturing eachother. with a melodic purring line of descriptive hollowness – seen at times through dark sunglasses an other forms of psychic explosion. a song is anything that can walk by itself/i am called a songwriter, a poem is a naked person…some people say that i am a poet…………an so i answer my recording engineer “yes. well i could use some help in getting this wall in the plane”’

– Bob Dylan (excerpt from a poem in the album notes, Bringing it All Back Home, Bob Dylan, 1965)

Note: This excerpt is copied exctly how it appears in the the album notes, spelling errors and all.

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