Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Henri de Saint-Simon says...

'Let us unite. To achieve our one single goal, a separate task will fall to each of us. We, the artists, will serve as the avant-garde: for amongst all the arms at our disposal, the power of the Arts is the swiftest and most expeditious. When we wish to spread new ideas amongst men, we use in turn, the lyre, ode or song, story or novel; we inscribe those ideas on marble or canvas…We aim for the heart and imagination, and hence of effect is the most vivid and the most decisive…If today our role seems limited or of secondary importance, it is for a simple reason: the Arts at present lack those elements most essential to their success: A common impulse and a general scheme.'

–Henri de Saint-Simon (Literary, Philosophical and Industrial Opinions, Henri de Saint-Simon, 1825)

Note: This is credited as the first use of the phrase 'avant-garde'.

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