Friday, June 22, 2012

Words of Wisdom: 20 Ben Harper-isms

'Today it all became so clear, looked out my window not in my mirror, make the book that is your life worth reading' ('Spilling Faith', Give Till it's Gone, 2011)

'A candle throws its light into the darkness, in a nasty world so shines a good deed, make sure the fortune that you seek, is the fortune that you need' ('Diamonds on the Inside', Diamonds on the Inside, 2003)

'Fools will be fools, and wise will be wise, but I will look this world straight in the eyes, cause I believe in a better way' ('Better Way', Both Sides of the Gun, 2006)

'I would rather take a punch than not give you a shot, I'd rather find out who you are, then who you're not, shoulda known better, than to mistake business for love, shoulda known better than to mistake a fist for a glove' ('Fight Outta You', Lifeline, 2007) 

'Half a man walks with no shadow, of life he utters his distaste, no apology is expected, love carved sorry in his face' ('Woman in You', Burn to Shine, 1999)

'Old friends become old strangers between the darkness and the dawn' ('Amen Omen', Diamonds on the Inside, 2003)

'They all want you to serve them, but the only one you got to serve is your soul' ('Serve Your Soul', Both Sides of the Gun, 2006)

'If you're gonna build a house, make it a home, if you're gonna pull some weight, pull your own, if you're gonna help, reach out your hand, if you're getting up, then take a stand' ('Fight for Your Mind', Fight for Your Mind, 1995)

'You can't say just I love you, you have to live I love you' ('Heart of Matters', Lifeline, 2007)

'When you're trapped you got no voice, where you're born you got no choice, other than to go and take you some' ('Both Sides of the Gun', Both Sides of the Gun, 2006)

'When the people lead, the leaders they will have to follow, and all their lies and their alibies, they will have to swallow, and it's you that has the authority, for the one who is right is the majority' ('People Lead', Fight for Your Mind, 1995)

'They say time will kill the pain, I say pain is gonna kill my time, lord won't you save me, or leave me alone' ('When it's Good', Diamonds on the Inside, 2003)

'A mother's only happy as her saddest child, to learn to live without can take a while, and it's long way back to anywhere, and it's not too late but it's getting there' ('Waiting on a Sign', Give Till it's Gone, 2011)

'Throw your hands up to the sky and scream I'm not alone, is it irony or fate, don't become what you hate, we've all got stardust in our bones' ('Get it Like You Like it', Both Sides of the Gun, 2006)

'Just cause you go down in history, doesn't mean you're really all that smart' ('Why Must You Always Dress in Black', White Lies for Dark Times, 2009)

'So you can move your court case way across town, you can move it across the whole wide globe, but it ain't gonna help your court case up in the sky, when you go to put on your white robe' ('Don't Take that Attitude to Your Grave', Welcome to the Cruel World, 1994)

'Listen to the wind, it won't lie to you, if you love it, let it go, and watch it fly to you, every setting sun gently weeps, you can always hear it, cause trust never sleeps' ('Serve Your Soul', Both Sides of the Gun, 2006)

'I believe in a few things, God, the Devil, and love, cause I've looked up from the bottom, and I've stared down from above' ('Ground on Down', Fight For Your Mind, 1995)

'Never trust a woman who loves the blues' ('Lay There and Hate Me', White Lies for Dark Times, 2009)

'Folks don't change, they just reveal' ('The Way You Found Me', Both Sides of the Gun, 2006)

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