Monday, July 23, 2012

Dr. Simpson Flanders and Harry Mann say...

''Back to the Harry Mann show. Our guest is Dr. Simpson Flanders. He's here to try and make sense of this whole Arkham situation. We've got a city paralyzed with fear. The streets are full of wackos with assault weapons. And you think you've got the solution?' 'I do, Harry. You see, all of this panic and stress has created a hostile environment for the inmates. Fear feeds on fear, and only serves to make matters worse.' 'You're saying that by being afraid of an army of homicidal maniacs loose on our streets, we're antagonizing them?' '...Exactly. As detailed in my book I'm Sane and So are You, the mentally divergent should be made to feel at ease in our environment. A climate of mistrust and suspicion only tends to make them feel insecure in their choice of lifestyles.' 'We've got a body count heading toward the triple digits. That's a life style?''

-Dr. Simpson Flanders and Harry Mann ('Crocodile Tears', Issue 4 from 'The Broken Bat' arc in the Knightfall series, written by Chuck Dixon, 1993)

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