Saturday, July 28, 2012

Excerpt from 'Parts of Noah' (5): Cash's Theory (kind of)

The sun ruled the sky outside but it was dreadfully dark inside Cash’s den. There was a mist of dust spread throughout and it looked abandoned, decorated with stains and shadows, containing only the basic tools for survival. How much do you need? The windows were covered with old sheets and even for the dead of summer it was freezing. I could see Cash’s breath and it reminded me to breathe. Cash, like anyone, has his own mysteries to be unlocked, but that's not what we're here for.

Walking past the living room, I saw who must have been his father slumped over on a wooden chair,  dead. He was already rotting but I couldn't smell him. Cash glanced around the living room and I wondered if he cared about anything at all. I followed him through a dim hallway maze to his bedroom but he shut the door before I could go in. There was a bloodstain in the shape of someone's face on the door, level with my eyes. I knew I’d seen that face before in its unbloodied form. I stood in that dark hallway and studied the only picture displayed: an ugly, frightened, little red-haired girl sitting on an old man's knee. I wondered what inspired that picture. A re-phrase: Nothing was interesting about that photo. Cash appeared with a t-shirt and pointed to the bathroom, but I didn't move. I just stared at the boring picture, motioning towards the living room with my head,

-How long's he been dead?

-Since the day I met him.

-Think he'll come back to life?

-I've got a shotgun under the bed just in case.

He pointed to the bathroom again and I took his shirt and walked over to the closed door. It was locked and I could hear faint crying from the other side. I turned to ask Cash who this was, but he was gone and the photo on the wall had been removed. I left my shirt hanging on the bathroom doorknob and put Cash's shirt on. I felt refreshed, and would not remember the dog’s blood on my face until I saw my reflection in Zeus’s eyes, but that scene comes later. I could hear Cash talking to someone deep within the house and followed his voice with my eyes shut, my hands held each other behind my back. Using only the sound of his voice as a guide I found where he was, crouched over in the feeding area, filling a pipe with some purple substance I’d never seen before.  He was mid-sentence and probably thought I had been there the whole time:

-...and the damn thing just blasts, y'know? It's insane to a mortal ear, sure, but it makes sense to me.

-I didn’t hear a word of that, my friend, but you shouldn’t repeat it.

He didn't turn around and was silent for a very long time.

The flick of a lighter snapped me out of my daze and I realized Cash was no longer in the kitchen. I decided it was time to leave that shithole and to achieve another plane of consciousness. I didn't say another word to Cash and didn't expect to say anything to him again.

(End of Excerpt)

This is original writing and copyright and all that fine print kind of stuff. Please credit this to Chessterr Hollowberry. Thanks!

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