Monday, July 30, 2012

John Cleese says...

'I think when you get into taboo areas, that is, areas like dead bodies or limbs coming off, or anything sexual, there's always a little bit of anxiety, cause it is taboo, you see. But for some people, just a few, there's a lot of anxiety. So when the subject is raised, they kind of freeze up, they feel very uncomfortable, and they hate it, and they hate the fact that people around them are laughing so much, and they say 'I am being offended'. However, most people just have a little bit of anxiety, so what happens if you make them laugh, you get an even bigger laugh than you do normally. Cause you get the normal laugh, and then you get the extra energy that comes from that little bit of anxiety being liberated. So you get huge laughs when you deal with taboo subjects. And that's one reason why my humour has a pretty black quality to it some of the time.'

-John Cleese (Live Alimony Tour, 2011)

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