Monday, July 9, 2012

Louis CK says...

'You can't answer a kid's question, they don't accept any answer. A kid never goes 'oh, thanks, I get it.' They fucking never say that. They just keep coming with more questions, why, why, why, til you don't even know who the fuck you are anymore at the end of the conversation. It's an insane deconstruction, it's amazing. This is my daughter the other day, she's like: Papa, why can't we go outside? Well, cause it's raining. Why? Well, water's coming out of the sky. Why? Because it was in a cloud. Why? Well, clouds form...when there's vapour. Why? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know any more things. Those are all the things I know. Why? Cause I'm stupid, okay, I'm stupid. Why? Well, because I didn't pay attention in school, okay? I went to school but I didn't listen in class. Why? Cause I was high all the time, I smoked too much pot. Why? Cause my parents gave me no guidance, they didn't give a shit. Why? Cause they fucked in a car and had me, and they resented me for taking their youth. Why? Because they had bad morals, they just had no compass. Why? Cause they had shitty parents, it just keeps going like that. Why? Cause fuck it, we're alone in the universe, nobody gives a shit about us. I'm gonna stop here to be polite to you for a second, but this goes on for hours and hours, and it gets so weird and abstract, at the end it's like: Why? Well, because some things are, and some things are not. Why? Well, because things that are not can't be. Why? Because then nothing wouldn't be. You can't have fucking nothing isn't, everything is! Why? Cause if nothing wasn't, there'd be fucking all kinds of shit, like giant ants with top-hats, dancing around. There's no room for all that shit. Why? Oh fuck you, eat your french fries, you little shit, god dammit!'

- Louis CK (One Night Stand, Louis CK, 2005)

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