Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Michael Smith says...

'...most of us simply don't engage with our food. We take it for granted. And that leads to many problems manifested in different ways, whether it's supply-chain issues, fish becoming extinct, obesity and nutrition. We need to think about our food, to stop taking it for granted. At the same time, we're inundated with a contradictory media message: We're told this week that something is good for us, the next week it's not, and this keeps us off-balance and it leads to a feeling of despair and complication...We're part of a culture that has convinced us that it's more important to have two cars in the garage than having time to sit down and eat with our family. Right there we're out of balance. Cook for yourself. Never eat anything with ingredients you can't pronounce.'

- Michael Smith (from an interview with The Ottawa Citizen, 2011)

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