Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ellen Farber says...

'Like, what if I liked you, and you could...tell, and what if you didn't try to kiss me. And we just sat here, and we, we talked, and we got to know each other, I mean, a kiss would stop that cold. But if you don't try to kiss me, and, um, we talk and talk, and say goodnight, then maybe we could see each other again, and keep talking, and still you don't try to kiss me. Maybe we could get close, and start to, to really like each other. But..we might kiss, but we don't make out, and you don't touch any part of my body. And maybe love would grow. We'd, we'd get excited just to hear each other's voices and feel pent up desire. What if we got married? And you still haven't seen me in my under garments, you haven't touched any part of me. Then, on that first night, we would be together for the first time. We could do anything, and everything, and know that the Lord is with us, and blesses us. And because we waited, that first time and every time after would be so passionate, and so free. I bet you've never had sex one time in your life like that. Where, where there's no shame, there's no fear, where you can put all of yourself in a woman and, and leave nothing behind. Just you and me. You in your body, me in my body. Touching. Being close. Before God.'

-Ellen Farber (in response to Louie's desperate kiss lunge, played by Liz Holtan, 'Come on, God', written by Louie CK, Louie, 2011)

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