Thursday, August 2, 2012

Master Storyteller: 5 Stories from Tom Petty's 'Mojo'

'Rain on the river, I'm soakin wet, waitin on a friend who ain't come yet, and he might not get here for three or four days, got to make a little bit go a long way..I've got a blonde headed woman who likes to come around, cute little hippy girl lives in town, brings a bag of records and she plays em til dawn, give me little lovin then she got to go home, when times are hard, when you start feelin low, let yourself go..when the river's risin and the world feels cold, let yourself go, let yourself go..I got a 442 sittin in the sun, well it's been ten years since she used to run, man she was a beauty in 69, but there ain't no more comin down the line..when times are hard, and you start feelin low, let yourself go, when the river's risin and your world feels cold, let yourself go, honey, let yourself go.' - 'Let Yourself Go'

'On our first flash of freedom, I called out your name, love hit us hard, like an overdue train, we felt so much more than our hearts could explain, on our first flash of freedom..a fist full of glory, a suitcase of sin, the language you dream in, when you count to ten, you go to the edge and you always give in, on your first flash of freedom..Down every canyon and mountain we fall, and laugh at our shadows, tall on the wall, your brain is so full, but you can't keep it all, on your first flash of freedom..Across ancient bridges, through a town with no name, across painted hills that no rich man could claim, run the wild mustangs that nothing could tame, on your first flash of freedom, on your first flash of freedom' - 'First Flash of Freedom'

'My daddy came a marchin over the hill at dawn, had to make that wage man, that's how we got along, my daddy's life was workin, workin all day long, put food on the table, and the children sang a song, yes, the children sang a song..My granddad's name was Pulpwood, wore a coat of green, took a wife in 31, drove the big machine, my daddy load the lumber, put it on the truck, used to see him walkin home on U.S. 41, that's right U.S. 41..All my life's been workin, out the door and gone, got to make that overtime, keep us movin on, need a drink of water, to get out of the sun, burnin up to make that wage on U.S. 41, that's right U.S. 41..the boss man owns the business, keeps it goin strong, be blowin like a hurricane and workin like nothin's wrong, we got to keep on movin, til the bell gone ring, fill her up with kerosene, and let that lady sing, whoa now, let that lady sing..His given name was Lucky, his wife's name Annie Brown, run outside the law, and they chased him right on down, lucky faced the lawman, the captain drew his gun, they put him with a sling blade, on U.S. 41, that's right, U.S. 41.' - 'U.S. 41'

'I took my few belongings, we headed out to Pirate's Cove, in my buddy's old Defender, we ran until the gas got low, we were flying close to heaven, everything was starting to glow, drivin into sunset, rollin cause we had to roll, I think he was a preacher, but lord I can't recall his name, he was running out of wind, but talking to me just the same, he said five'll get you ten, but boy you've got to stay in the game, yeah, you got to let it ride, or you've only got yourself to blame..We lost a wheel in Santa Cruz, so we partied with some motel maids, my friend said I don't like mine, so what do you say we trade, she was a part of my heart, now she's just a line in my face, they let us go with a warning, said we'd book you, but we don't have a case..My friend said take her with you, to leave her here would be a crime, but let's get outta Santa Cruz, all I got is a Canadian dime, I got a friend in Mendocino, and it's gettin close to harvest time, and she was kinda cute, if a little past her prime, on the trip to Pirate's Cove, on the trip to Pirate's Cove, drivin into sunset, drivin into sunset.' - 'Trip to Pirate's Cove'

'She was hell on her mama, impossible to please, she wore out her daddy, got the best of me, and there's somethin about her, that only I can see, and that's good enough..You're barefoot in the grass, and you're chewin sugarcane, you got a little buzz on, you're kissin in the rain, and if a day like this don't ever come again, well that's good enough, good enough for me, good enough for right now, good enough for me, good enough for right now..God bless this land, god bless this Whiskey, I can't trust love, it's far too risky, if she marries into money, she's still gonna miss me, and that's good enough, gonna have to be good enough.' - Good Enough'

(All lyrics from Mojo, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, 2010)

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