Monday, August 20, 2012

The Hemingway Challenge: 6 Favourites

The Revolution Will Be Accessorized is a compilation of essays, interviews, and writing from BlackBook magazine, edited by Aaron Hicklin. One of my favourite features in the book is a piece titled 'The Hemingway Challenge'. As the story goes, Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a six word story, and the classic result is the accompanying quote for today's post. Inspired by Hemingway's brilliant response to the challenge, 25 authors offered their own six word stories. Some of them are almost as amazing as Hemingway's own, others are trying a little too hard to be clever with it. The beauty of Hemingway's story is the background story that it automatically presents, anyone with an active imagination can fill in the blanks.

Below, I've included my 6 favourite six word stories out of the 25 included in The Revolution Will be Accessorized.  I chose these stories based on the immediate reaciton that the very limiting six words give me and how intriguing and engaging the implied story behind the words.

'As she fell, her mind wandered.' -Rebecca Miller

'My nemesis is dead. Now what?' - Michael Cunningham

'Poison; meditation; skiing; ants - nothing worked.' Edward Albee

'Eyeballed me, killed him. Slight exaggeration.' - Irvine Welsh

'Satan - Jehovah - fifteen rounds. A draw.' - Norman Mailer

'She gave. He took. He forgot.' - Tobias Wolff

And, since it's too interesting a challenge to avoid, here's my attempt. I could probably write a different one every day, but here's what I have now:

'He worked hard and died alone.'

And since that's so damn depressing, here's a softer one:

'With him, her search is complete.'

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