Friday, August 24, 2012

The Walking Dead Visual: Love is Tough in a Zombie Apocalypse

Today I feel a bit morbid, so I put together aThe Walking Deadcomic montage, showing what happens to Rick Grime's wife Lori, and then to his lover Jessie. I call this photo set  Love is Tough in a Zombie Apocalypse. Rick hasn't had the best luck hanging onto female companions, and I don't expect that Andrea will be any exception.The Walking Deadis a comic that loves to kill it's characters. I predict that eventually, Carl Grimes will be the last of the original survivors. Poor poor Lori...

Image #1 from Issue 90, 2011

Image #2 from Issue 2, 2003 (illustrated by Tony Moore)

Image #3 from Issue 48, 2008

Image #4 from Issue 81 (Part 2 of 'No Way Out' arc), 2011

Image #5 from Issue 83 (Part 4 of 'No Way Out' arc), 2011

All images (except #2) illustrated by Charlie Adlard, gray toned by Cliff Rathburn.

The Walking Dead is created and written by Robert Kirkman.

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