Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Visual/Lyrics: Tom Waits

'Well I know karate, voodoo too, I'm gonna make myself available to you, I don't need no make-up, I got real scars, I got hair on my chest, I look good without a shirt...well I don't lose my composure in a high speed chase, well my friends think I'm ugly, I got a masculine face, I got some dragstrip courage, I can really drive a bed, I'm gonna change my name to Hannibal, or maybe just Rex...' - 'Goin Out West', Bone Machine, 1992

Tom Waits is my hero for a lot of reasons. He's one of those musicians that changed music for me all over again when I discovered him, around six years ago now. He's a beast, a Thinker, a sweetheart, a magician, and a joker, all wrapped in one rugged package. One day, I'll write a full post about my Tom Waits experience, but today, we celebrate the many sides of Mr. Waits.

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