Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chris Butler says...

'It was so much influenced by the stuff that I grew up with. We talk a lot about the movies and TV shows that influenced it but you’re right — certainly, from my point of view, I wanted to challenge kids. I do firmly believe that the best children’s fiction does challenge kids. Not in a preachy way. It doesn’t mean it can’t be entertaining. Roald Dahl is a perfect example of someone who is dark and challenging but very, very funny. It becomes frustrating when you see people reacting against that. It goes back to the beginning of time in the tradition of folk and fairy tales. If you ask anyone of our age group or older what they remember most from their childhood it’s likely to be some scary villain from a Disney movie or a book. It is a rich tradition and it’s something that’s been slightly blanded out.'

-Chris Butler (co-director and writer of ParaNorman, from an interview with, 2012)

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