Friday, September 14, 2012

Excerpt from 'Parts of Noah' (7): Noah meets Dizzy and the Bus Incident

At the bus stop, there was a girl whose life story I knew from the moment I looked at her. She wasn’t even sweating, so I should have known what I was up against. How many of you have said the same. What are you up against? Watching her made my thoughts flow quickly, just a series of images flickering before my eyes, pictures that reminded me of her. Sunflowers. Cheesecake. A cold shower on a hot day. Her eyes were closed, her lips were moving, and she must have been singing a song from her memory because her ears held no earphones, only two earrings, dangling, homemade. She was standing off the edge of the curb, perfectly balanced, barefoot, her heels out in open air. On the bench I was her audience, and there was not another soul around us. No humans, no animals, no demons. She didn’t move so I got used to her quickly and my mind returned to my stagnant, old thoughts. I wondered if the skeleton lady was dead in her grave yet. I also wondered if Cash’s dad had risen yet. I wondered if Cash’s shotgun missed, where that bullet would end up. The girl stepped forward and opened her eyes, blinking from sunrays and winning me over like only a complete stranger can. The bus appeared behind her and she spun around and stepped in, not acknowledging the driver at all, and not paying. 


The street I was on with this strange girl had been ghost town empty, but the bus was full of daywalkers, except for one seat. I sat beside her and our legs touched and I might have smiled, I can’t remember. Across the aisle sat a tiny girl, totally unaware of the cruelties this world has to offer, covered in what had to be her own puke and she didn’t seem bothered in the least. No one owned her. The bus passed Cash’s house and I heard a shotgun blast. My lip twitched slightly and the person in front of the vomit girl puked all over himself, probably because of a terrible smell that I couldn’t experience. I wondered what the weird girl beside me smelled like, probably something like strawberries or green grapes. She was humming some tune like she was the only person in existence, a song I didn’t recognize but wanted to learn. I looked for her reflection in the bus window, crossing my eyes so I wouldn’t see the wreck of a town that was flying by, but I didn’t detect one. I heard a gag and a splash and the man in sitting in front of me fell forward, heaving and choking. The girl showed no sign of being affected by this and I could only wonder how bright Cash’s smile would be if he could witness this.

(End of Excerpt)

This is original writing from the short story titled 'Parts of Noah'. Please credit this work to the creator, Chessterr Hollowberry. Thanks!

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