Thursday, September 27, 2012

JJ Grey says...

'It's all about home, man, you know. That's where we're all headed, where we wanna be. Wherever it may be. I was born and raised in Florida, just across the line, an imaginary line between there and here. But it's all about having them places where, you can just feel it, you can feel somethin come through, somethin shinin through, somethin *whoosh*...takes you away from the world of problems, the world of worry, the world, you know. And for me, that little place is a place called Lochloosa, right there between Gainesville and Oak County, Florida. A place where you can leave all the bullshit behind, for just a few minutes, you know. Get in a boat, maybe, sit on the bank, whatever you wanna do, watch the sunset on the other side of the lake. Take your boat out there and drop a hook over the side maybe, you don't even care if it's baited at that point, man. Maybe get an ice cold beverage of choice, and forget about all the stuff that you gotta deal with when you leave there. When you find that place, you hold onto it, you know. And somebody told me, well, you just go there to escape reality. And then I thought about it for a minute, and was like, well, maybe I do go there to escape reality, but then I thought a little longer, and I was like, no, Hoss, you got it backwards. I go there to get to reality, and get away from all these problems that I invent. So long live places like Lochloosa, if you got it, you hold it, and feel it every chance you get. This is a little song, a tribute to a place near where I live, may it stand like it is, for as long as I'm alive and as long as it can, man. Hopefully nobody will ever tear it down and put up a condominium. I don't think so, nobody wants to live that far out. Yet.'

-JJ Grey (The Introduction to 'Lochloosa', Brighter Days, JJ Grey & Mofro, 2011)

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