Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oliver Tate says...

'There are some much-underrated words used in Chips's porn magazines. Razzle contains a very candid letters section where readers describe their sexual enterprises. Often, as the sex bcomes more passionate, the words become more evocative. 'Lick my shaft' gives a sense of strength and an implication of coal mining. 'My rock-hard cock.' 'My throbbing rod.' You couldn't fail to be good in bed if you were the proud owner of a 'raging love-pole'. One more word that may be useful in the heat of passion: dong. Dong sounds like someone very important has just arrived. Describing the vagina throws up just as many, if not more problems. I have been trying to think of my own words. I came up with undermouth. I came up with undermouth. I came up with undermouth. I'm not sure what this sentence means.'

-Oliver Tate (Submarine, Joe Dunthorne, 2008)

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