Thursday, September 27, 2012

Visual: JJ Grey & Mofro


In the jaded world of popular music, I don't need to tell you that there are a LOT of phonies, money-grabbers, show offs. So it's easy to be disenchanted by the music you listen to, knowing that a true musician is rare to find these days. JJ Grey, and the boys in Mofro, should give anybody hope that music can still come from a good place, the soul.

I became a fan of JJ Grey & Mofro's music at the recommendation of my friend Corlin Rosewater. Although this groovy group has been putting out albums since the early 2000s, I've only known about them for a couple years now, but they'll surely be a band I listen to for the rest of my life. Even Corlin himself believes that he'll never again find a music group that he likes as much as Grey and Mofro. So why all this passion and love for a soul funk group from the south? Because they put so much passion and love into their music. With sincere and thoughtful lyrics, infectious grooves, and a song for any mood or occasion, I'm really surprised that JJ Grey & Mofro haven't caught on in a big way. Sure, they have loyal fans and I'm sure they do quite well for themselves, but despite Corlin's best efforts to spread the word, they aren't a common band name that everyone knows. This probably doesn't bother JJ too much, as long as he has a guitar in his lap and a nice view of nature, I'm sure he's just fine with the way things have gone.

Today, I'm having a little bit of a JJ Grey lovefest, and it starts with this photoset. Hopefully, in the process, I can earn JJ and the boys a few new fans, and help current fans celebrate the greatness that is JJ Grey and Mofro. They may not rock very hard or produce super popular club anthems, but if you're laying on a beach ('Blackwater'), cruising down the road ('Ybor City'), sexin it up with that special someone ('Move it On'), or burning one down with the boys ('Ten Thousand Islands'), JJ has a song for you. And even if you're in a lonely, rainy day sort of mood, there's always 'Dew Drops' or 'Pray for Rain' to soothe your soul. It's sad that we live in a world where the Gagas rule and the JJs slip under the radar, but it's also comforting to know that there are some honest musicians still trying to spread the love, and the funk.

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