Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rian Johnson also says...

'We had a tremendous young actor, Pierce Gagnon, who was five years old when we shot this. For him it was just getting to scream at the top of his lungs. It was fun. Pierce is a great actor and he just really had a great time doing those scenes. And it is the sort of thing also where a sequence like that is put together in little pieces. So it’s not like the full impact of what it’s going to be like on the screen is apparent to anybody on the set when you’re shooting it. Also, a lot of it had slow motion stuff. So you are shooting something that doesn’t look that impressive, and it’s only when you put it together in the context of how you build up the sound design and everything you realize how disturbing it all is.Which I think is a really good thing, especially considering it was a child actor on set. You are just getting bit, by bit, by bit, and do this, and going through this thing and that thing and that thing. It’s only in the edit room it all comes together into something kind of disturbing.'

-Rian Johnson (writer and director of Looper, from an interview with Brian Salisbury, www.filmschoolrejects.com, 2012)

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