Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rian Johnson says...

'Well, it was near future. I wanted it to be very grounded. And I wanted it to be recognizable. My thinking was that we’re asking the audience to absorb so much in that first half hour of the movie with the rules of Loopers, and time travel, and the TK stuff. I wanted the world to be something that didn’t take that much energy to absorb, where you looked at it and said, 'OK, I know where we’re at.' And so, near future, dystopia. There are some fun touches in there, and hopefully it holds together in a cohesive way that is kind of unique. But overall, I didn’t want it to be having to figure out how the technology in this new world worked. I wanted you to just kind of see it as a natural evolution of the world that we live in now. So all the design decisions kind of came from there. You know, and also from a story place. It made sense, to me, to make the world that way because all these characters are acting in very self-serving ways. Joe is doing everything he can to protect his piece of the pie at the beginning. So to show the world around him and why he’s like that, it showed that it’s either you have your stack of silver or you are in the gutter. That was important as well.'

Rian Johnson (writer and director of Looper, from an interview with Brian Salisbury, www.filmschoolrejects.com, 2012)

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