Monday, October 29, 2012

Scott Stanton says...

'Down river from the city, the air was clean but the water was gritty, but we still swam in it anyway, I remember jumping off the old train bridge, there were no cliffs in the prairies where I lived, down in chesterman's valley, skipping rocks to the other side, shooting at the log that was floating by, those were the little games that we played, just trying to pass the time any way, and the big bush party down by the water, where I met the river rider and the farmer's daughter, he told stories all night long, singing songs til the morning come...Down in chesterman's valley, there lays a bridge made from a lightningstruck tree, on the other side directions will be easy, just listen for the raw guitar strumming, you can come along and find me.'

- Scott Stanton ('Chesterman's Valley', Trust Us Now, Current Swell, 2007)

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