Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Old Woman says...

'With great effort, I disentangled myself from the mound of bleeding corpses and dragged myself beneath a big orange tree that stood on the bank of a nearby stream. There I collapsed from fear, exhaustion, horror, despair, and hunger. Soon after, my overwhelmed senses fell into a deep sleep that was more unconsciousness than rest. I was in this state of weakness and insensibility, between life and death, when I felt something pressing and wriggling against my body. I opened my eyes and saw a handsome white man, sighing and muttering between his teeth, 'O che sciagura d'essere senza coglioni!''

- The Old Woman (Candide, Voltaire, 1759. Translated from French to English by Peter Constantine, 2005)

Translation from Italian to English: 'Oh, what a calamity it is to be without testicles!'

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