Friday, November 30, 2012

'Ensemble': Character Voices

When I originally conceived the voices of the main 6 narrators in my novel-in-progress Ensemble, I thought it would be helpful to do a character sheet for each, along with a quick monologue to establish the voice of each character. This way, no matter how long I let this damn idea sit, I could always return and get their voice back in my head. Today, I thought I'd share these character quotes, leading into larger excerpts to come.

Oliver Saint: 'A girlfriend? I beg your pardon. I can just see myself now, sitting out in my car, waiting for hours while she gets herself all pretty. I'd stay up all night like a softy, all paranoid that she's sharing a bed with another. Dealing with all the unpredictability, all those emotions. Listen to me, a puzzle is never late. A calculator is physically incapable of cheating. A equation does not sporadically cry all over the place. A girlfriend? Please.'

Sullivan Hyde: 'Don't keep no pictures. Only one i need's stapled to the backa my eyelids so i'll never never never forget. They don't make Pure like her no more. Hair like starshine, eyes like wonder, freckles like...her lips little pink gummy worms, a brain bigger than mine. Smile that could put evil to rest. Hands like...fingers like angel feathers. Don't make Love like her no more.'

Walter Blank: 'Fixed four today. All broken all the same way. Had a turkey sandwich for lunch. Dry bread, wilted lettuce. Almost rear-ended someone in traffic, again. Fell asleep at the wheel for just a moment. Should have stayed there, no dreams where I was. Of course I love you, my dear. Let's say grace.'

Georgia Nickels: 'Oh, I try to avoid the spotlight, I do, but they always seem to find me. This poor man, waiting outside the office. He says his wife is up and gone, gone since yesterday, gone. He says she never does this, it's all fishy, he says he's scared. He says the cops won't help, she's just gone. What I don't say, what I've known spot on since I saw this poor man six days ago at a coffee shack, is that his poor wife is facedown in a marsh. There isn't any good reason for it neither. What I know is that I could have told this man at the coffee shack, or I could have told him at the office, but he'll find out just like everyone else does: when the paper hits his porch tomorrow morning. She'll be a Jane Doe, and he'll read about her like anyone else. I owe him his peace of mind just as much as I owe anybody else, it doesn't change the rules though. What I know is that nobody really wants to know.'

KC Kotton: 'So, of course, I'm attending this whatever party in some lame-ass house that I'll probably, like, buy and tear down one day, and I'm sitting right on Mickie's lap, moving just right as to get his 'attention', and obviously money for liquor, when this little cereal bitch who's like a day over 7 comes bippity-bopping up to us like Mickie's actually going to notice, and this little doll-faced bitch really, truly, compliments Mickie's, my boyfriend's, watch, which of course I bought for him, with his credit card, and the dense fucking moron says, 'Thank you,' so I'm like, 'Micks baby, get me another drink,' and I pour my daiquiri right down this little lip-gloss princess's dress, and I'm all like, 'Bitch, this gold's already got a minor,' swear to God, bitch'll be sucking balls for toilet paper by the time she's 10.'

Memphis Mayfire: 'This business, what it all comes down to is the do's, is the don'ts, and it really all just depends on how much cock came your way in high school. These loose-topless-table-dancing-footvall-team-hot-potato-daddy-never-loved-me-just-my-cute-little-ass-cum-dumpsters, they've heard of 'don't' like they've heard of spitting. Yeah, never. My first date was after I moved away from home. I'll tell you what I don't do: Don't do vag, don't do chicks who are better looking than me, don't do bodily fluids other than the white stuff, and never ass to mouth. Do slap me, do bite me and choke me, do try to rip me apart up the middle, but don't ever call me a 'whore'. Or anything other than 'Princess'. Why hire me? I've had a cucumber up my ass this whole time we've been sitting here and neither you or I have noticed. You find a vag-sex gal that can fuck a vegetable or cock with even half the enthusiasm I show. But hey, takes all kinds, right?'

This is original writing from a novel-in-progress titled Ensemble. Please credit this work to the creator, Chessterr Hollowberry. Thanks!

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