Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ewan Currie says...

'Okay now, let's try to be cool, cause I'm fading fast as day turns into night, if I could walk one minute with you, then I'd be alright, everything's so clear I see through, I see wrong making way for the right, but I can't see the colours of you, I see in black and white...Trip across the floor back to you, might as well pack it in for the night, you can't find me when you're needing help, you know I'm out of sight, let's let our evil hang through, pitch black even under the light, you know I'd never do ya harm, but then again I might...I got a feeling that I can't understand, I go numb at the touch of your hand, you got me looking for something new, but tonight, I fade along with the light.'

- Ewan Currie ('Tonight', Trying to Grow, The Sheepdogs, 2007)

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