Saturday, November 17, 2012

Excerpt from 'Parts of Noah' (10): Mai

The first time I encountered Mai she was standing with her back to the door, leaning on one leg, head slightly tilted, staring at a blank chalkboard that I had never seen in Zeus’ home before that moment or since. I approached her walking on my toes and holding my breath, Zeus just sitting cross-legged on the floor watching and grinning with teeth like sunbeams. I stood beside her and tried to see what she saw along that untouched surface. My eyes crept over to her face but she never looked the same twice, shape shifting and dangerous, never saying a word. How she came to know Zeus, nobody even wonders. I saw some chalk on the floor in front of the board and stepped forward, grabbing it and knowing exactly what to draw. I kept my back to her and began sketching a wolf, starting with its fangs and planning to work outwards. What stopped me was claws digging into my neck and a screech like none I’ve ever heard in any being. Mai had jumped on my back and wrapped herself around me, seeming to make all attempts to rip my throat out using only her wicked fingernails. I dropped to my knees and dropped the chalk and made no effort to fight her off for fear of Zeus interfering. What might’ve shocked me if I could still feel surprised about anything was that Zeus did step in, on my behalf. He pulled Mai away and whispered words into her ear, something that sounded from its rhythm like a lullaby. She closed her eyes and slowed her breathing and relaxed. Zeus erased the chalkboard and gave me my drugs for free that day. I still have the clawmarks on my neck but have never told anyone the truth about their origin.
(End of Excerpt)

This is original writing from the short story titled 'Parts of Noah'. Please credit this work to the creator, Chessterr Hollowberry. Thanks!

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