Friday, November 30, 2012

Hugh Dillon says...

'She said, she'd give me some kind of sign, I guess she did, I'm happy she's still alive, Mother said, respect that decision, I guess I do, I don't, well I'm still here and I'm still itchin, they lined em up, then they lined up just to see him, I just don't see the point if he ain't here and he ain't breathing, can't stand up, well hell you know I could, they lost it all, but to me what good is hindsight...If you say you will, how can I know you won't, I just can't wait around til everything I know is gone, let em up, get myself out of storage, that fire's burning blue but singing orange, clocking time, slim chance is all you need, in living, dying trying to find a life with guarantees, to know what it's like to stand up and walk away, to know what it's like to see someone else lose everything.'

- Hugh Dillon ('Hindsight',Teeth and Tissue, The Headstones, 1995)

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