Sunday, November 25, 2012

Introduction to 'Ensemble'

A story like this, where would you begin? What about the mood, the tone? How would you even tell a story like...this? There's no audience, no way is there an audience. You've have to be as lonely, psychotic, sad, wise, greedy, and dead as these characters to even begin to understand. It could have happened to anybody, it's already happening to everybody, it hasn't happened at all. So where do I begin?

Does the story begin with Georgia Nickels staring at the stars, figuring out the future, seeing all that's coming? How about with that ferocious little devil, KC Kotton, at one of her auditions? They say eight years old is the perfect age for a proper childstar, seems she's been eight forever now. I might start with poor poor Sully Hyde, dead on the carpet. There's a punchline to this story, without one I wouldn't be wasting your time with it.

I could begin by telling you about the first time Walter Blank's eyes met Memphis Mayfire's glory, albeit through a television screen. But he could never tell the difference anyway. All of this, the whole of it, really, came from Memphis, flat on her back, legs pointing toward the sun, staring at those all too neutral creme coloured walls of a clinic you'll never hear about. But how could I overlook the hero of heroes, Oliver Saint? Alone, because he has to be, a survival tactic. He molds history and controls the future. So maybe, it all starts with the moment that his plans fail. Back on day one, there's no way he could have known, not any one of them could have known.

And how did I come to know all this? Well, a story like this, it exists anywhere you look. This is a true story, and I imagined it. I imagined this, and it's a true story.

(End of Excerpt)

This is original writing from a novel-in-progress titled Ensemble. Please credit this work to the creator, Chessterr Hollowberry. Thanks!

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