Sunday, November 25, 2012

Maddy Spencer also says...

'To be honest, I keep wishing we could all talk. Chew the fat. And, yes, I know that wishing is another symptom of hope, but I can't help it. As we amble along, trudging over steaming brimstone beds of sulfur and coal, I want to ask if anyone else feels an intense sense of shame. By dying, do they feel as if they've disappointed everyone who ever bothered to love them? After all the effort that so many people made to raise them, to feed and teach them, do Archer or Leonard or Babette feel a crushing sense of having failed their loved ones? Do they worry that dying constitutes the biggest sin they could possibly commit? Have they considered the possibility that, by dying, each of us has generated pain and sorrow which our survivors must suffer for the remainder of their lives? In dying - worse than flunking a grade in school, or getting arrested, or knocking up some prom date - perhaps we've majorly, irreversibly fucked up. But nobody brings up the subject, so I don't either.'

- Maddy Spencer (Damned, Chuck Palahniuk, 2011)

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