Saturday, November 3, 2012

Peter Hayes says...

'Restless sinner, rest in sin, he's got no face to hold him in, he fills his days as dark as night, he's been waitin with the blind just to find a place to hide his ghost..Unopened eyes, no consequence, the door's been closed since he walked in, the fight's been raging so many days, he'll greet you with with a cross and a sickle as he helps you in..You fall in waste, an open fire, you've got no taste for his desire, he brings you in to warm your bones, he's the reason why you came, and the reason why you ought to go.'

- Peter Hayes ('Restless Sinner', Howl, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, 2005)

Note: Although BRMC is mostly known for their grungy, groovy, stoner rock, one of the best aspects about the band is their range, and ability to hop from genre to genre seamlessly. And while their kick-ass songs really do kick ass, two of my favourite BRMC tracks are totally stripped down folk-style songs, both from the Howl album. They have a new album coming out sometime soon, I'm very excited to hear what they've come up with.

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