Sunday, December 9, 2012

BB King says...

'When I first got the blues, they brought me over on a ship, men were standing over me, and a lot with a whip...I've laid in a ghetto flat, cold and numb, I heard the rats tell the bedbugs to give the roaches some...I stood in line, down at the County Hall, I heard a man say, We're gonna build some new apartments for y'all...My kid's gonna grow up, gonna grow up to be a fool, cause they ain't got no more room, no more room for him in school...Yeah, you know the company told me, guess you're born to lose, everybody around me, people, it seems like everybody got the blues...I walk through the cities, people, on my bare feet, I had a fill of catfish and chitterlings up in Downbill Street...Now Father Time is catching up with me, gone is my youth, I look in the mirror every day and let it tell me the truth...Yeah, they told me everything would be better out in the country, everything was fine, I caught me a bus uptown, baby, and all the people got the same trouble as mine...Blind man on the corner, begging for a dime, the rollers come and caught him, and throw him in jail for a crime...Oh, I thought I'd go down to the welfare, to get myself some grits and stuff, but a lady stand up and she said, You haven't been around long enough, that's why I got the blues, the blues, I say I've been around a long time, I've really, really paid my dues.'

- BB King ('Why I Sing the Blues', Live and Well, 1969)

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