Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fertility Hollis says...

'Do you have any idea how boring it is to be me? To know everything? To see everything coming from a million miles away? It's getting unbearable. And it's not just me...We're all bored...We all watch the same television programs...We all hear the same things on the radio, we all repeat the same talk to each other. There are no surprises left. There's just more of the same. Reruns...We all grew up with the same television shows. It's like we all have the same artificial memory implants. We remember almost none of our real childhoods, but we remember everything that happened to sitcom families. We have the same basic goals. We all have the same fears...The future is not bright. Pretty soon, we'll all have the same thoughts at the same time. We'll be in perfect unison. Synchronized. United. Equal. Exact. The way ants are. Insectile. Sheep...The big question people ask isn't, What's the nature of existence?...The big question people ask is, What's that from?'

- Fertility Hollis (Survivor, Chuck Palahniuk, 1999)

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