Friday, December 21, 2012

Grissom says...

'It's sad, isn't it, Doc? A couple of middle-aged guys like us, how we never really touch people unless we're wearing latex gloves. We wake up one morning and we realize that for 50 years, we haven't really lived at all. But then, one day, someone young and beautiful offers to share their life with you, someone you can care about. We have to give up everything we worked for to have them, I couldn't do it. But you did. And she took that back, didn't she? She gave you something precious, then she took it back. So you took her life instead. You couldn't stand the fact that she was giving it to someone else, so you took her life.'

- Gil Grissom (played by William Petersen, 'Butterflied', written by David Rambo, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, created by Anthony Zuiker, 2004)

Note: Although Ted Danson is doing a wonderful job as the newest lead man on CSI, nobody could ever deliver those put-you-in-your-damn-place speeches like the original bad-ass scientist, Gil Grissom. Thirteen seasons in, the show is going strong and still provides entertaining mysteries, but like many veteran shows, they've lost the initial charm that they had back in the early days. I'll likely watch the show through to the end (I mean really, how many people can die in Las Vegas, remind me never to go to a sex convention there), but it just hasn't been the same since Grissom left.

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