Friday, December 21, 2012

Photography: The Sheepdogs at Armoury Studios

Last night, thanks to randomly calling the CFox radio station at the exact right time, I had the awesome opportunity to see an intimate studio performance with The Sheepdogs, for free! With Guy Dudeman and about 50 other people, we sat right up close as the band was interviewed by radio personality Danger, and they played 6 songs, including 4 off their new self-titled album. And if all that isn't cool enough, I got to shake their hands too! I know, I know, we're all just people, right, there's no such thing as 'celebrity'. But touching the hands that were used to make songs that I listen to every day is pretty damn sweet. Thanks for keeping the spirit of classic rock alive, Sheepogs!

The Sheepdogs are Ewan Currie, Ryan Gullen, Leot Hanson, and Sam Corbett

Photographs taken by Chessterr Hollowberry, 2012

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