Sunday, December 9, 2012

Visual: 10 Bluesmen

Today, I'm celebrating 10 of my favourite classic blues men. I've been listening to the blues for years now, and I'm currently practicing playing it myself on my piano. Some of these guys have passed on to Blues Heaven, others are still playing their souls out on stage. Either way, if I'm going to put on some blues, chances are one of these guys are playing it.

Image #1: Muddy Waters

Image #2: BB King

Image #3: Bo Diddley

Image #4: Howlin Wolf

Image #5: Freddie King

Image #6: Albert King

Image #7: Elmore James

Image #8: Taj Mahal

Image #9: John Lee Hooker

Image #10: Buddy Guy

Full credit to whoever is responsible for these photographs!

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