Sunday, January 13, 2013

Corb Lund says...

'When the oil stops, everything stops, nothin left in the fountain, nobody wants paper money, son, so you just as well stop countin, can you break the horse, can you light the fire, what's that, I beg your pardon, you'd best start thinking where your food comes from, and I hope you tend a good garden...Gettin down on the mountain, gettin down on the mountain, don't wanna be around when the shit goes down, I'll be gettin down on the mountain, going to ground on the mountain...When the trucks don't run, the bread won't come, have a hard time finding petrol, water ain't running in the city no more, do you hold any precious metal, can you gut the fish, can you read the sky, what's that about overcrowding, you ever seen a man whose kids ain't ate for 17 days and counting...There ain't no heat and the power's gone out, it's kerosene lamps and candles, the roads are blocked, it's all gridlocked, you got a shortwave handle, can you track the deer, can you dig the well, I couldn't quite hear your answer, I think I see a rip in the social fabric, brother can you pass the ammo.'

- Corb Lund ('Gettin Down on the Mountain', Cabin Fever, Corb Lund, 2012)

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